新規にPernixData 「FVP」または「Architect」をご購入されたい場合には以下よりお問い合わせください。


First, thank you for being a believer and customer of PernixData. I hope you’ve found tremendous value in your software investment.

I’m writing today because we recently completed a merger with Nutanix, the industry pioneer in enterprise cloud solutions that deliver the agility and simplicity of public cloudoptions,while retaining the security and control of on-premises infrastructure.
As a result, we believe this new organization will be better positioned to exploit the tremendous potential of our combined technology portfolios and further empower you and your business.

Since changes of this magnitude introduce uncertainty, I want to personally assure you that as part of the Nutanix family, we remain committed to you and the other 700+  PernixData customers worldwide.
This means that while our new combined engineering teams work to integrate PernixData technology directly into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, you can rest assured that we'll continue tosell and support both Architect and FVP as standalone products for our current customers.

As part of Nutanix, our architectural design philosophy of using server-side flash and memory to keep data physically close to applications remains unchanged. In fact, "data locality" and the efficient use of flash to accelerate data access have been key aspects of our respective platforms since inception.
As a PernixData customer, you also understand these concepts and have invested in our software technology to enable them. As a fellow visionary and early-adopter, I want you to know that your investment was sound. You're uniquely positioned as we work together to leverage storage-class memory and other emerging technologies for the post-flash era of enterprise computing.

Thanks again for your trust and commitment.
If you already know your dedicated Nutanix account team, I encourage you to reach out with some times you’re available to discuss the next steps in our journey together. If not, we’ll be in touch with an introduction very soon.
If you have any questions or feedback in the interim, please don't hesitate to reach out to

Poojan Kumar
Vice President, Nutanix Inc.
Former CEO & Co-founder, PernixData